About Us

We created Founder to celebrate the creative spirit. We adore the depth and diversity of storytellers, crafters, and changemakers that walk our streets and salute the everyday daydreamers, tinkerers, and doodlers just the same. We believe Toronto is home to some of the most interesting people in the world and feel fortunate to be able to host many of them over good drinks, good food, and good conversations.

Behind our bar, Brad Gubbins (Thompson Hotel, Spirithouse, TTS) mixes an eclectic set of specialty cocktails (time to add cucumber air to your palette) to complement all your favourite classics. If you’re thirsty for more, we’re proud to offer an intentional selection of local craft beers and Alsace-inspired wines.

Our food program, led by Kendall Collingridge (Hooked, Spirithouse, Buca, Crush Wine Bar), features the most Toronto menu you’ve ever seen. On it you’ll find a diverse melange of world flavours offered as small or large dishes to suit your appetite. No shame in snacking alone, but the experience is always better when shared with friends.

Most importantly, we’ve designed Founder as an intimate, elegant, and comfortable space for your conversations. We’ve accented our walls with inspiration from some of our favourite creators, but we expect the real stories to come from those flowing in and out of our doors. Whatever your adventure, craft, or excuse, we hope you’ll be one of them.

Get in touch

For general inquiries, email us at hello@founderbar.com. For media inquiries, please reach us at media@founderbar.com.