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Oysters  16 / 30
Champagne mignonette, hot sauce, lemon

Skewer  6 / 15
Choose from eggplant, chicken heart, braised pork belly, or mackerel

Beef and cheddar bao  7
Black bean sauce, cheddar foam, scallion, sesame, chili threads

Watercress salad  10
Apple, lemon, olive oil, toasted pistachio, grana padano cheese

Quinoa falafel (4 pieces)  10
Pickles, garlic aioli, parsley, lemon

Marinated anchovy crostini (2 pieces)  8
Red and white with PX sherry vinegar, roast peppers and onions, preserved orange, parsley, toasted bread

Fried brussel sprouts  8
Black garlic vinegar, kimchi salt

Crispy smashed potatoes  8
Garlic aioli


Carne cruda  16
Hand chopped top sirloin, roasted garlic, chillies, lemon, olive oil, parsley, anchovy, grana padano, watercress, toasts

Chicken liver mousse  12
Mezcal, chorizo spice, salsa verde, chicken skin crackling, chicken “snow”, shaved cured egg yolk, toasted bread

Deb’s chicken salad  12
Pho poached cold chicken, fish sauce, cabbage, cilantro, crispy skins, lime

Lake Erie smelts  13
Thai sweet and sour sauce, scallion, chilies, thai basil, cabbage slaw


Green curry fried chicken  13 / 24
Tom yum sauce, rice flour, cilantro, lime leaf, chili, toasted coconut

Smoked beef cheek  30
Chimichurri, crispy potato, roast tomato, fried shallots, aji panca sauce

Roasted cauliflower  13 / 24
Ras el hanout, sumac, pomegranate, garlic tahini, olives, parsley, caper, preserved orange


Banoffee mess  10
Bourbon caramel, blondie crumble, meringue, banana